I'm posting.

I shouldn't really be doing this right now. I should be reading one of the many chapters that was assigned to me, or writing a summary on the book I'm supposed to have read, or even writing in my real journal.

But I'm posting.

Things have settled down a little, but barely. I even tried to post and do some updating on Tuesday, but my computer was being dumb. So I re-formatted. Hah, just try to mess with me you piece of plastic and LCD....I will wipe you clean! Okay, so now it has Win 2000 Pro on it, but still. Hopefully it will just work with me and not be so darn difficult.

So I got to see Switchfoot the other night. Yeah, that was pretty amazing. Liberty has a block party every year on the night before classes start. They had lots of large inflatable games--you know, the ones with bungee cords that you attach yourself to, or slides that you bounce down...typical college student activities. ::cough:: Actually, I raced my friend Karla on this wierd obstacle course thing and it was fun. Mainly cuz I won. Mwahaha.

Anyhow, at the end of the evening (the very hot, sweltering evening), they had a concert. Switchfoot. It was simply incredible. Caleb had to run one of the games for the first few songs, so I went by the side of the stage and got some pictures (which will be developed, scanned, and posted as time and money become more abundant). Once Caleb finished "working" at 9:00, he took my hand and I followed him and his nice "Student Life STAFF" shirt right past the barriers on the right side of the stage. We sat on a sound equiptment crate less than ten feet from the stage and the view was amazing. Switchfoot puts on a great show, especially with Jon Foreman climbing all over the poles holding up the stage roof. Crazy stuff. And sitting there, listening to "Dare you to Move" with Caleb thisclose and the lights and the stars...it was one of those moments when the insanity of the past week and a half all culminated in my mind, and I realized that I really am back here at school. Exactly where I'm supposed to be. And that I am head over feet in love with the most amazing guy I could possibly dream of. Even better, he loves me too and takes care of me in ways I'd never even thought I could've wanted.

There were fireworks after the show; Caleb and I climbed up to the top of the hill to watch. As thousands of our tuition dollars exploded into bright bits of light and disintigrated within seconds. Sorry, I'm kind of bitter towards fireworks. Even in sixth grade I went on tirades to my parents about the need for libraries and better art supplies instead of measly fireworks. Sure, they're fun to watch, but I will never understand why so much money is being spent on them. At least build us a parking garage or something.

I've now attended every one of my classes and I'm pretty excited. Okay, so maybe "excited" would be the wrong word. But they're pretty good. Here's my Schedule:

11:20 Math 115
12:20 English 102

9:25 Graphic Design
12:15 Writing for the Mass Media

And then Thursdays from 6:30-9:30 I have Black and White Photography.

15 credits. Not bad, really--I dropped a class because I didn't want to stress myself. I'm already a Junior in my second year; I don't need to. But yes, good classes. Math 115 is NOT going to be fun, but that's because I hate math. And as I typed that sentance, I realized that I have a paper due on my "math background" for tomorrow. Crap. There goes another half hour of my sleep. ::shakes head::

I love my English class, however. Dr. Prior is a younger prof. and she has a great sense of humor. She's really down-to-earth, so the class isn't going to be stuffy. My other teachers are pretty cool too, although my Photography teacher kinda scares me...

He's at least six foot five inches tall, maybe seven feet (I'm short, okay, it's hard for me to tell!). Super tall. And he talks reeeeeally sloooooow. And he's a bit of a hick. I proimise, all he needs is a piece of hay hanging out of his mouth. He seems like a nice enough guy, but having a boring voice when you teach a three-hour, once-a-week class is not exactly an advantage. I'm really looking forward to having free reign of the darkroom, though, and being "required" to buy all of this photo stuff. I'm hoping to learn a lot and really apply myself this semester (yeah, I know, way to be uniquely ambitious).

Tomorrow I get to see Mae in concert. Cameron, Andy, Caleb and I are driving to Richmond for the show and I am extremely excited. I need to buy film, but my batteries are dying anyways. I'll probably just have to get a cheap one or something if have time. Which, sadly, I probably won't. But at least I'll see them. Ohhhh yeah. :)

Well, I have a "math paper" (what an oxymoron) to write, so adieu for now. Enjoy sleep while you can.


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