I'm back.

I've been quite cut off from communication with the outside world (or so it feels) for the past ten or so days. It started with the huge blackout on August 14th (right before we left to drive down to school). Obviously no posting then. We drove all day Friday and pulled into Lynchburg around six thirty pm.

And at nine, I finally got to see Caleb. Even now, it feels like it's been ages, but walking towards him from the front of the hotel was so strange. It was all so brand new again, I felt like I was hugging him for the first time. It took a couple hours to get used to actually having him right there again, but then things felt perfect as always.

He got to meet my parents and my brother, which was really nice. We went out to eat, and he came swimming at the hotel and stuff. They loved him, just like I figured they would, but it was still reassuring. Saturday Philip and I went with Caleb and a bunch of the David's Place (that's the cafe/student center where he works) staff to Panther Falls. It was nice and relaxing, jumping off rocks and swimming in the rapids.

I didn't realize I would be so busy last week--every day there were meetings from 8:45 to 3:30 with a short break for lunch. Not to mention getting settled in and doing things with girls on my hall. I kept thinking, "I can't wait for classes to start so I actually have some time!"

This weekend was a much-needed break, though. Friday night I had to work, but Caleb and I got to walk around downtown for a little while afterwards. And yesterday was Caleb's 22nd birthday. We bummed around town in the morning and then I dropped him off at his dorm around 3:30. I picked him up at 7, with his truck full of gas and freshly washed. We got Take Out from Applebee's and had a picnic. It was so nice, and it made me so happy to know that he loved his birthday present (a decopaged Jones Soda label box with a "Trogdor! The Burninator!" t-shirt and a guitar-pick holder in it). I do'nt know why I get such a kick out of planning and making things for people, but I do. Yesterday was awesome.

Today was church--Cameron, Caleb and I went to Blue Ridge Community, which was pretty good. I really want to find one good church and stick with it, but it's so hard around here. I think we'll go back next week and see how it goes. We had lunch at Quizno's. Yum. I love their subs, especially the Mesquite Chicken one.

Oh, so the other reason I didn't post until now--our LAN connection has been crazy and haywire and...down. So i had either zero or extremely sporadic internet for the past week. Our phone was down too, which was not exactly enjoyable. I had the basic option of yelling out the window to reach people, and that's it. So sad. But now it's back, though I still don't have a very good laptop (I can't even use 780 x 1024 res on my screen). Things will still be a little crazy for the next few weeks, but hopefully I can post more and soon finish the site templates! Yay!

I'm off to enjoy a beautiful Sunday afternoon nap and then head out to David's Place and church. Hasta!


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