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I just finished getting a 76 on my typography test for Graphic Design. I'm a little dissapointed, but I don't think I should've expected anything more when I didn't even look at the material. Before you go writing me off as a slacker, I just want to defend myself in saying that I've had the exact same prof. before with the same notes on typography and the same vague test--different class though. Sadly, you'd think that would mean that I'd do wonderfully on the test, but apparently just seeing the notes again in class doesn't automatically mean you'll get an A.

The past two days have felt like Friday to me--which is wierd. I mean, usually one day will feel like Friday, and you'll wake up the next feeling cheated and dissapointed. So it's almost kind of nice because even though it isn't Friday, when I wake up tomorrow--it will be! And by then, I'll just be so relieved that it's actually Friday that I'll disregard the fact that it's been "Friday" for half the week. It isn't too hard for me to figure out why it's seemed like the weekend is within such close grasp--I have work off from yesterday till Monday. Mainly because I thought we'd be in Florida, but even though I'm not it's nice to just be "free" for a weekend.

Plus Gunsmoke Dialogue (Caleb's band) is playing.

I'm real excited about that, I haven't seen him play a show since last April. I don't know how much I've really mentioned about the band, but allow me to expand a little--Caleb wrote most of the songs his freshman and sophmore year of college, then when he came here to Liberty last year, he met a guy named Andy who played in a metal band in Jacksonville. Andy was an amazing guitarist with some very slick picking skills, and they started playing together now and then. Caleb threw some of his songs in, and Andy added some great stuff--making for some amazing acoustic duets. They began playing shows now and then, and named themselves "Gunsmoke Dialogue" [Watch the Ocean's Eleven--At the end of a fight scene in a bar, Danny Ocean tells one of the men that if he wants any help, he needs to cut out gunsmoke dialogue]. Unfortunately, Andy didn't return this semester, so Caleb saw back where he started (with more songs and some better chords). Cut to the beginning of this September, when my friend Cameron transferred to LU from Cedarville. He plays guitar and shares Caleb's musical tastes (along with the ever-popular, fun-to-listen-to elitism views). They jammed (hate that word, but else would you say?) a few times and the rest is history. Cameron is officially the new Gunsmoke Dialogue guitarist, and they're looking into a drummer and possibly a bassist. Still, I've had the opportunity to hear them practice a few times and even with just two guitars, it sounds great--especially since they've only played together for less than a month.

Oh, and another happy thing concerning that--we finally got the CD demo that Caleb and Andy recored last semester, and I did the cover art and everything. Fifty cds ready to go for the show, very cool stuff. Needless to say I'm really looking forward to Saturday night. Also, Caleb's friend Nathan has a band called Shapiro that's playing--very Ben Fold's piano-rock, which is something that I really enjoy. So if you live in Lynchburg, come to David's Place on the LU campus at 9pm Saturday night. Free music, good people, oh yes.

I just realized that I still haven't done the concert review of Five Iron Frenzy, etc. I think I'm going to try and finish the layout for the "reviews" page and then just post it on there. I have a free day Saturday (before the show) so that might be a nice time to get that done. I also want to post the cd cover, but I need to get a layout working for the "Portfolio" section. Yeesh.

The mac lab is slowly being overtaken by "Digital Illustration" students, so I'm going to vamos to another computer in the main part of the lab. Hopefully i won't have to wait in line....


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