It's 1:09 and I just got out of the shower. I can proudly say this is the latest I've gotten up since I've been at school. Which is very impressive since I can, easily, sleep until 2 in the afternoon every day. So basiclly it means that I have NOT been a lazy bum this year. Well, to a point at least.

Last night was a fairly unprofitable evening. I went over to Peter's house with Jessica and some other people and played Phase Ten. It was a long game and I was real tired, but it was nice to talk to Jess again. I miss her, it was so easy last year when she was on my hall and we could always just hang out. This year has proven to be a lot harder when it comes to things like that.

So tonight is the show. I'm excited. I'm definitely going to take some of my "depth of focus" photo assignment picture, hopefully even though I'll be indoors I can still do some cool ones. In case you're wondering, next week I will finally learn how to actually make prints with my pictures--I have the negatives developed, but we're a week behind because of Hurrican Isable cancelling class last week. So don't worry, it won't be long now (not as though I feel like there will be much to be impressed with, but to each his own).

Alright. Need to get ready and go eat lunch. If you think of it, pray for the concert to night--and if you can, come! :)


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