I am a terrible person. I've done something that I should feel guilty about, but I don't:

I ate out. At a really nice restaraunt. For the third night in a row.

Yes, excuse me, I'll be hanging my head now. I know, I know--it's not really that terrible. But when I'm a college student who doesn't have all that much money...evil. Pure evil.

Oh, but it was sooo soo good. Plus, I have other rationaliztions:
  • Olive Garden on Sunday was free, as mentioned in the previous entry.
  • Yesterday it was our friend Adam's birthday, so a bunch of us went out for that (and Caleb paid).
  • Today....I got nothin. We were hungry. It looked good. I paid. The end.

    I found the most hilarious website the other day. It's the world's worst record album covers, and mannn they're bad. Look for artists like "Joyce", "Tino", and "Country Church." Reasons I'm glad that I wasn't in college during the seventies or eighties.

    I'm working in the Lounge right now. It's really small (as previously mentioned). There's a sort of "hallway" containing six computers, along with two bigger rooms--each one has a big screen tv and some chairs/couches. It's not a bad place to come watch cable (since our dorm tvs don't get any channels) or hang out while you're doing washing clothes at the adjacent laundry room.

    My job at the Lounge consists of two very basic things:

  • Make sure people don't bring food or drink into the Lounge.
  • Make sure couples aren't making out/laying all over each other.

    Now, you'd think with all the signs that we have posted (concernening the "no food" policy) and the fact that making out and such is against the University's rules, it wouldn't be very hard. But no. These people are a different breed, I swear. It's as though they walk through the door to the Lounge and instantly become food sneaking, booty seeking rebels. They're really messy, too. So after a while it gets really frustrating--especially right now, becuase the lights in the first room don't work. So it's very dark. And there are now about three couples sitting in there--playing it safe for now, but I don't even want to think about what they're doing the second I go back to sit at the computer. Blech.

    I need to get some homework done, so hasta luego...

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