I broke my toe.
Really, how sad is that? I feel pathetic just typing it. And the most annoying thing is, while it's one of the smallest bones I could possibly break (my pinky toe is the lucky appendage), it throws off my entire balance. I'm limping all over campus, looking like a crippled person. I didn't bother going to the doctor, becuase I'd rather not pay seventy bucks for them to say, "You need to tape it to the toe next to it, it's too small for us to put a cast on. Elevate it, untape it at night, and try not to walk on it too much." No. Kidding.

I guess it wouldn't be that much of a pain, but my dorm (of course) is about ten minutes walking distance from pretty much every relatively important building. One positive benefit, though--I can wear flip-flops to class. Although I have to say, today that's looking to be more of a negative thing, since it's thirtysomething degrees outside. Not very lovely weather for flip-flops.

I just found out that I "really should've" taken COMS 351 before I took this class: COMS 341. Now, why it isn't a prerequisite, why it's a later number (and yet I'm still "supposed" to take it before this), why my advisor never mentioned it to me...these are among the many unanswered questions of the universe. I'm kinda disappointed, because I was hoping I'd learn how to use Photoshop better, but all we do in this class is "design a magazine ad! Design a menu! Design a cd cover!" Which would be great, if I felt like I already knew how to use all of the programs. Thankfully, Cameron has been helping me out a little, since he's a Photoshop pro. No, really. He's like, Photoshop-Quickstart-Guide-in-a-can. Er, person. I need to turn him into an item on my desktop so I can click on him for help any time I need it.

I've been working some more on Kairos-esque stuff lately. I'm going to start uploading some of the fliers I've done on here--I finished another one yesterday. We're having an open mic night on Sunday, Nov. 2nd, so I got to do the layout on that. Wait, have I even adaquately explained what Kairos is? Hmm. Maybe not. Well here you go: Kairos is a group of students working to promote truth through culture and the arts. Mainly here at Liberty, but in general too. We're trying to broaden things to include more of the "fine arts" (such as visual arts, theatre and poetry); we've been more "media arts" until this point. Anyway, right now we're mainly trying to have events that will allow us to get the idea of the organization out there. So people no longer ask, "What's Kairos?" every time we say the name.

Oh, good news--Mel Gibson's The Passion of Christ fiinally has a distributer. Not only that, but it's a good one.


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