I think Cameron and Caleb have successfully gotten me sick. They've both had cold/sinus/throat illnesses for the past week, and I've been hanging out with them--all the while noting, "I'm gonna get sick from you guys." You'd think in me saying that, i'd try to take some sort of precautionary measure to avoid getting sick. But no. I am just that lazy. It's pretty darn sad, it really is.

Right now I'm working the Lounge and listening to the original version of "Boys of Summer." Can I just say that song is so addiciting? And I still agree with Caleb that the Code Seven version is much better than the Ataris. Much.

I just found out that some of Caleb and my friends from Florida are having a "Tacky Tourist Party". I want to go! Or mainly, I just want to have parties. Cheesy ones. I talked to my mom again today, the off-campus thing is pretty much 90% yes on her end. Now it's just the whole "getting approved" (by the school) thing. But once I have a house, I want to have parties. Really dorky parties. The sad thing is, my friends in Florida would be the best people to invite to these sorts of parties, cuz they're fun like that. Good thing I get to see them at Thanksgiving.

Wow, I really love mix cds. Mainly old ones that I fill up completely, because I forget what I put on them. Right now, for instance, "Livin' On a Prayer" just came on. Yehhh. I don' tknow why I love this song so much; I'm not even a Bon Jovi song. I guess it's just great to sing along with.

I'm going to a show tonight. I don't even know who's playing besides Everything Falls Together. However, I must say they are definitely entertaining enough to warrent the spending of five bucks. Especially since Caleb and I are eating at Olive Garden tomorrow. For FREE. (Thanks to Caleb's roomate and that fact that he was really really grateful for Caleb taking his shift last night so he could go home.)

Woo hoo!


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