Three more days. That's it, really. All of today, tomorrow, and Thursday--and then, I'm gone Florida will be my destination and place of residence for the next ten days. And I can't wait.

i went to a writer's conference this weekend, which made me want to write more (never would have thought, huh?). I am determind not to waste wiinter break this year--there will be much less sleeping in and much more reading. And writing. And who knows--I may even go crazy and finish knitting that scarf I've been working on forever.

Last night I got to see Caleb perform in the Liberty University Concert Choir. They sang with the Roanoke Symphony Orchastra, and it was absolutely amazing. It's been so long since I've seen a symphony. I'm actually suprised at how easy it was for me to pay attention; the first four movements of Tachovsky's "Pathetique" lasted almost an hour. I'm sure having Caleb sitting with me helped (the choir didn't sing until the second half), but I was still much more enthralled by the detail and unity of the orchastra than I thought I'd be.

I also noticed that symphonies contain an overabundance of old people. Cameron told me that the average age of a symphony-goer is 48+. Which made me think, what happens when they die? Not to be morbid, but...they're old. Eventually they won't be here anymore. How drastically is the attendance going to drop? I wish there could be a revival of the higher arts. I would've loved to have been alive during the 40's and 50's when going to see an orchastra was considered the thing to do. When women wore a hat and gloves and went to the symphony with their friends (or a handomely dressed date). I would give up wearing pants in a second if I had all the clothes from back then--the full A-line skirts, little hats, wraps, gloves...one of the many reasons I love watching old movies. Even if I can't live back then, at least I can watch it.


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