I got three hours of sleep last night. It's been a looong long time since I've done that. I was in the computer lab working on my final project (a cd case design) for Graphic Design class. I'm finished, but I officially hate the computer lab printer and QuarkXpress v.4. Blech.

I'm nibbling on a bag of chocolate M&M's right now. I left some things at Caleb's house in Florida, so his mom sent them up here--and filled the package with pop tarts, cookies, and M&M's! I love Caleb's mom, she's amazing. I got another package today, too: Caleb's Christmas present! :-D I wish I could just give it to him now, especially becuase he keeps bugging me to tell him what it is, but I have to wait until next week. Tradition, man, tradition.

I'm having a crazy time of things with rides right now. Rides to PA for the holidays, to be exact. I have late exams and my original ride fell through, so at the moment it looks like this is the plan:

I have to be out of the dorms Friday, Dec. 19th. I'm going to move all of my stuff over to my house and (hopefully) clean the room up a little bit. Caleb, camron and I are going to stay there (on separate floors, of ccourse!) that night, and then drive to Richmond th enext day. Scarlet and Evergreen Terrace are playing at Ally Katz. It's been a long time since I've seen them, so that will be cool. Then, (hopefully again) we'll stay at Cameron's aunt's house in Ashland. From there (the next day) Caleb is driving me the hour and half to Washington D.C.'s train station. Finally, I'm taking that train from DC to Philadelphia to Lancaster, where my Grandma will pick me up.

Crazy, huh?

All this is pending whether or not I can find someone from school who is heading to Reading or Lancaster after Thursday's exams and wil give me a ride. Yeesh.

Alright, class is over, time to go work the lounge. And maybe get some sleep...


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