The air was warm this morning, and I actually smiled as I walked quickly from my front door to my car. Maybe all of this cold finally got tired of Virginia! Or...maybe not. Leaving the main academic building after classes ended today, I was immediately surrounded by an icy cold grip that was all but laughing at me. By the time I'd reached the parking lot, I could barely feel my legs (of course I'd picked today to wear a knee-length skirt). So the weather has struck out again. I'm almost glad that Caleb didn't meet me to go running, because now I'm at home painting my toenails and listening to Peter Gabriel's "So," which I picked up yesterday for only a dollar fifty.

Cameron discovered this amazing warehouse of a thrift store last week, and yesterday he took me along. It's amazing. I've never seen anything so big, and while it's not the most organized of places, it has an incredible amount of stuff. Stacks of records, mostly the typical Barry Manilow-Barbara Streisand-Andy Williams genres, but I managed to get the Peter Gabriel album, "The Best of Frank Sinatra", and an amazing three-record collectors set of "50 American Movies" (featuring themes from the likes of Casablanka, Rocky, The Jazz Singer, Gone With the Wind, and even Shaft. I was reeeeal excited about that one.

The store also had tons of furniture, but I was still too poor at the moment to actually get anything else. I want to go back soon, Caleb needs to see the place and I want to take some pictures of it.

Last night we went over to my friend Jordan's house so I could take pictures for Yearbook--I'm doing the "commuter" spread, and that means getting everything from photos to copy. Jordan's house is built partly into the side of a hill, and it's huge. It used to be an old tire showroom, but it was converted to a place now called home by five college guys. Their living room is amazing (not to mention gigantic) and it gave me a renewed desire to finish furnishing this place I now call "home". My room is coming along alright, albiet without a decent rug, curtains, or pictures on the walls. Still, the downstairs rooms are sadly lacking when it comes to decor, and I want to change that as soon as possible.

I got a Christmas check today in the mail from my Grandpa. My mind has about a million things I could spend it on, but I'm going to rest on it for a while. A rug is at the top of my list, but so is saving for spring break (which might prove to be cheaper than I thought now that Gunsmoke Dialogue might be playing a few tour dates with Unforsaken). Everything is still up in the air though, so we'll see. We'll see.


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