I really like the Beatles. Dang. I finally have the time to go through and listen to all of the albums that I attained this summer (since I just got my record player this semester). I knew I liked the Beatles, but I'd never listened much of their albums. I almost feel pathetic for not being able to appreciate them until my Junior year of college.

Speaking of this being my Junior year--it really is now. Before I was just a Junior by status, and although I suppose I technically still am, I'm now going to be done with school next May. I'll still have my internship left, plus I might stick around another semester part time to finish my English minor. But I could walk in May if I did my internship this summer, if I wanted to. Which is just plain out nice to know.

A lot of small things have been falling together, like stuff with Caleb's band, with Unforsaken, school...all sorts of stuff. I hope this semester keeps with the good track that it's been on so far.

Even though I have twenty loooong pages of Oroonoko (18th century literature) to read for tomorrow. And it's past midnight.

Coffee time again!


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