So I'm definitely supposed to be working right now. Things like doing homework and prepping for my CMIS 201 CLEP test (basiclly just Excel and Access stuff). And yeah, I'm not. I brought my digital camera with me. Yes, my NEW digital camera that finally came in the mail on Thursday. It's beautiful. I love it. I wish it would make purring noises when I stroke it (well, maybe not). So far I've only taken a few pictures, but here is one of me and Caleb. Yeah, we're cute, I know it. ;)

I worked at David's Place last night till midnight and it went by really fast. Jordan and I talked about (to quote Danny) "wierd artsy movies" for a long time, and I got to play Catchphrase for ten seconds with Chad and all of his actor friends. Caleb and I were supposed to watch "The Secret of Nymph" after I got off work, but we were too tired. Especially since we had "fitness evaluations" this morning.

Jordan (from DP) is an Exercise Science major, and we're helping him with his final project. About ten of us (various people from work and some of his friends) met him today at 10:30, and he did this fitness evaluation thing. We had to different endurance tests (like leg extensions and bench presses), walking a mile (which I did in 10:45, thank you very much), flexibility, and other stuff. He also measured our body fat and weight and blood pressure. He's going to take everything and analyze it over the next week, then meet with us to establish health/fitness goals and work out a plan for us to reach them. We have to follow the plan until April, and then he'll re-evaluate us to see how the plan worked. It's really cool because not only do I get a free personal trainer for three months, but it's going to keep me accountable for working out since I know I have to report back to him. I'm a little sore from some of the tests, but I'm excited to see what my "plan" will be. Motivation for working out, how crazy is that!

Caleb and I are going to Roanoke tonight to see "Big Fish". I've been wanting to watch it ever since I first saw the previews--the cinematography looks absolutely beautiful! I've heard lots of good things about the plot, too, so hopefully I won't be dissapointed. I think Sara Carl, Cameron and Jordan are coming with us, which will make it even more enjoyable.

It's really cold in here. Oh, and now I can show you a picture of what "here" is (the Mac lab, at least. This is a side view of some of our computers (aren't they pretty?).

Ok. Homework. I've been here for at least 2 hours and I haven't even touched it. ::squeezes eyes shut and cautiously reaches towards book bag:: yuck.


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