The Mac lab has become my home once again, and I can't help but smile as I type this on the newly installed OS X. It's beautiful, albeit the adjustments that I have to make to the new format. I still can't believe that classes have actually started and I only have one more left before my day is over.

We left Detroit on Friday evening, my brother and I in my car and my parents in the other. A long, winding trip though southern Ohio left us halfway across West Virginia when we stopped around 1:30 am at a Holiday Inn Express. Phil and I were still full of energy (listening to INXS does that to you) and weren't even close to needing sleep, so we were a bit frustrated at the idea of stopping for the night, but I'm glad we did. The next day provided us with about four more hours of driving until we finally made it into Lynchburg.

It was great to see Caleb again; it's strange how even a few weeks can make you appreciate someone so much more. He helped my family put another coat of paint on the walls and trim in my room. It looks amazing compared to what we started with--when I finally finish getting everything set up (it's still a bit of a mess right now), I'm hoping to get some good pictures with my new digital camera...that should be arriving sometime next week! I'm so excited, I can't wait to spend a few days fawning over it.

Unfortunately I have to draw my post to a close, because my final class of the day (New Testament) is rapidly approaching. I'll update the rest of my weekend today or tomorrow. Especially since I only have one class tomorrow. Mwahahahahaha....


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