Well, I said I would post again, and viola! I am. So, back to this weekend...

My family stayed at a hotel for the two nights that they were in town, so I got to stay with them. I love hotels. Not to mention the fact that Caleb came over and went swimming with me both nights. We sat in the hot tub until we couldn't feel our toes, then drank Dr. Pepper and tried to stay away from the scary group of Jr. High girls that were cavorting all over the lobby (yes, I said "cavorting", and believe me--they were, to the fullest extent of the word).

My family went with Caleb and me to church on Sunday. The service was good, as always, and my parents really liked the church--which is important. It was my dad's birthday, so we ate lunch at Kyoto's Japanese Steakhouse. Yum. That place is great. The chef comes to your table (which contains a large hot surface in the center) and cooks your meal. In front of you. Doing incredible things like throwing knives around and juggling sauces the entire time. It was great, and the food (chicken and shimp) was wonderful.

Monday and Tuesday consisted mostly of Caleb and I running around, trying to get numerous house-relate errands accomplished. We did fairly well for ourselves, and he was able to (finally!) move in to his apartment last night. His roomates are great; they were all friends before, which makes things nice. We spent three hours last night putting together this Beast of a Desk. Walmart's assembly-required furniture is heinous. My hands still hurt from turning the screwdriver!

Yesterday's classes were great; I'm actually looking forward to the "school" aspect of things this semester. I'm taking Interactive Multimedia Design (basiclly a "Dreamweaver MX" class), Biology (with Caleb, yay), Biology Lab, 18th Century Literature, Yearbook Practicum, New Testament, and Role of a Christian Woman in Ministry. Here's to hoping I can keep myself on the Dean's List again....

Tonight looks towards more errands, hanging out with Caleb and Cameron, and seeing a movie that starts at 9:30 or so--no more hall meeting for me, thankyouverymuch!


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