I've been perusing the Food Network site for the past hour. And now I'm really, really hungry. Especially because it's 6:13 and I'm looking at a recipe for buttery lobster. Excuse me while I quiet my stomach.

I'm hanging out in the lounge, keeping Caleb company until he gets off work at 6:30. I finished another tutorial in my CMIS book. I'm trying to CLEP CMIS 201, so I borrowed the books from my old roommate. I've begun the tedious process of going through and reading the book/doing tutorials. Not fun stuff, but at least I know how to use databases now. And hopefully I'll be able to CLEP it and not have to spend a semester with busy work coming out my ears.

It's sad, my week really hasn't been all that interesting. I hate to admit it, but I'm going to be really glad when Culture Shape (the talk show/forum thing for Kairos) is over. Mainly because of all the other events and things that have been and will be happening before it.. It feels like half my day is spent running around trying to get random little things accomplished, and four weeks of doing that is starting to wear on me. I wish I could travel to a little house in the Caribbean, where I'd find a huge bookshelf, a surfboard, a G5 Mac, paints, and lots of canvases. Mmm, bliss. Time to allow my creative energies to resurface.

[By the way, I'm still craving lobster. I'm starting to have visions of it on a plate in front of me--this is bad.]

One good thing, however--my web design class is really cool. We aren't technically learning anything yet, but I have the coolest group for the first project. We're designing a website, and it's going to look good. Dang good.

Alrighty, it's almost 6:30 and I need dinner!


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