I woke up an hour early today. I looked at the clock, thought it was an hour later than it really was, and hurried to the shower. Well, as you may very well know, once you take a shower, there's no going back. I knew if I went to sleep again I'd be ruined for the rest of the day, so instead I took my good old time getting dressed and eating my lunch (PB&J anyone?). I'm not looking forward to today very much--BIO lab, 18th Cent. Lit., and then a group presentation (and three hours of watching other group presentations) in my three hour evening class.

I just now realized that I haven't said a thing about this weekend. Well, first of all--it was good. As far as the Valentine's Day/cute boyfriend part (of course!). I had to work Friday night, which I was dissapointed about because Student Life has Coffeehouse that night. I think Cameron best describes Coffeehouse for any of you non-LU-ers:

Well, first off, it's in a gym and doesn't involve coffee. Hey, i didn't name it. It's the big LU talent show deal - large-scale performances and what have you. Last fall's was mediocre, in my humble opinion (not a big fan of Evanescence covers), but this year's was phenomenal.

And he's right. Because (thanks to my amazing boyfriend) I got to see it--Caleb just worked the last hour for me so I could go. I even got to sit at a table (there's a small area of tables and two sides of bleachers) so I could actually see and hear everything quite well.

It was probably the most enjoyable Coffeehouse I've been to so far. There was the most spectacular cover of "I believe in a thing called love" by The Darkness, a few great skit/videos, a really cool rendition of "Good Morning Son" (Ben Folds); not to mention a choreographed dance number that made me wish I'd taken dance class all over again.

Valentine's Day itself was good...and then bad...and then good again. Caleb had to work until six, so after I went to his house and he made me eggs and a bagel, I came home and washed floors and did some other not-so-fun stuff around the house. I picked him up from work (he let a friend borrow his truck for the weekend so he could go home) and we went over to his house. Earlier in the week, we bought a huge bag of shrimp, chicken breasts, and angel hair pasta. Wow. Let me just say that it was as good as (if not better than) the Olive Garden, AND we didn't have to wait for two hours. It was really nice to just hang out and cook together.

Well, everything was nice. Until I got an email.

I won't go into great detail, but my roomate's mom owns the house I rent from. Apparently the electric bill was really high, and for some reason, it was all my fault. Which makes no sense, since I'm barely at the house much anyway during the day. Anyway...leaving out a lot of the details, I'm really not enjoying being at the house much anymore. The rent is too high (for this area), it's always cold, we don't have much furniture, and apparently if anything goes wrong in the house, it's my fault. Not very fun living conditions.

Needless to say, that kinda put a downer on my Valentine's Day. I hate feeling like someone is mad at me, and the idea that my roomate is saying untrue things about my character is even worse. I'm currently looking for a new place to live (for next semester) and a roomate to move in with me. I really hope I can find someplace (and someone) decent.

Anyways, after that whole ordeal, we ended up watching "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days", which was pretty appropriate, since we'd watched it on our first sort-of date a year ago (on the day after Valentine's Day). It wasn't really even supposed to be a date, we were going to go to Roanoke with some friends, but thanks to bad weather, they didn't go. So it was just me and Caleb. And it was fun. It's so hard to believe that it's been a whole year since then. Time moves so quickly when you look at the past and so slowly when you're in the present.

Sunday night was pretty cool, we had Open Mic Night despite the sudden (and unexpected) blizzard of snow. While it engulfed the Lynchburg area for about four hours, after all was said and done there was only an inch or two remaining on the ground. No school cancellations for us, folks.

It's 12:01 and I'd best be going. Don't wanna miss Biology now, do I? Oh no....


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