Jess had these two questions in her journal and asked me what my answers would be. So instead of continuing my 18th Century knowledge-diving, I'm going to ponder for a moment....

When was the last time you had fun? Just played with carefree abandon?
Honestly, today. Roaming around the top floor of the thift store from paradise (but with too-high prices) and taking pictures of light streaming through gigantic multi-paned windows was amazingly fun. Especially since I had the awesome company of Mandy, Cameron, and Caleb. Fun people + random places = fun times!

Does dreaming come naturally to you? Name 5 dreams you have right now.
I'd like to think it comes naturally...but I have to admit that lately I've been more task-focused than "dream" focused. It's hard when there are so many small hills to conquer, like mastering programs, promoting shows, and studying. Oftentimes it's hard to stop, look up, and remember what the Mountain really is. So what are my Mountains?

  • Get an internship (and eventually a job) at a fun and exciting graphics firm where I can witness but still find some semblance of comfort.

  • Lead a Bible study or sunday school class (this is something that probably won't happen for a while, as I still don't feel all that qualified).

  • Buy, decorate, and/or rennovate a house and transform it into a place that completely expresses me (and hopefully my future family, since I'll probably have one by the time I actually get a house).

  • Get married. Duh.

  • Go to Europe again. Especially Italy and Switzerland. Hopefully more than once.

  • Get involved in the arts again (the real nitty-gritt visual arts, like drawing and sculpting and painting) and become good at them!

  • Wow, I'm really glad I took time to ponder. That was fun. Thanks, Jess!


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