Today was so much fun! Cameron, Mandy, Caleb and I went to Buzz's (the really cool warehouse-y thirft store) and took all sorts of crazy pictures, and then we went to Goodwill and back to Caleb's apartment, where we proceeded to make chicken sandwiches and chicken salad good enough to feed the gods (if they weren't just a myth). We made Mandy watch High Fidelity for the first time, and she loved it. Plus we even squeezed in an episode of "Till Death Do Us Part (Carmen and Dave)". So much fun!

Unfortunately, right now I am doing not-so-fun things like looking up research for my oral presentation for 18th Century Lit and also one of my two research papers for said class. The 18th Century is boring. Bleh. Poo on Swift and Congreve and Pope and Bunyan. I'll take the abridged versions, thanks....

[listening to Weezer--"Pinkerton's"]


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