I am so hungry! I'ts 3:35 and I haven't eaten lunch! I had a nutri-grain bar for breakfast this morning, but that was it. After my class ended at 1:30, I was going to go get something but I ended up going to the computer lab. And...I've been here since then. I'm using one of the scanner computers, so I've been scanning in random things for an hour, to use as textures and such for my backgrounds. Thankfully I have Caleb's headphones in my bag, because otherwise I'd probably be so tired of hearing background noise.

I'm kind of killing time, to tell you the truth--we're having a sort-of dinner party/band practice tonight (for Caleb's band, of course; I don't have a band. Although I admit that would be kinda fun) at 6:30. And so Caleb is supposed to call me to let me know what we were doing and what I need to buy and so on and so forth. But alas, my phone is still unlit and not ringing.

So I think I'm going to start in on my Web Design class project. Oh! I have pictures from yesterday! And they're going up as soon as I can get my camera back from Caleb's apartment and upload them to my drive. They're cool, I'm really happy about them.

My stomach just growled and made the person next to me cower under their chair. I have a mean stomach.


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