I'm warm. I'm full. I'm happy. And I'm listening to Celebrity's "Lovesick." It was so beautiful out today. I didn't go to class at all (though, granted, I only have one). Instead, I went and took pictures at the cemetery down the street from me, and drove downtown to a few antique/thrift stores. Where I also got lots of pictures. AND found "Platinum Lines" by Blondie (that's the one with "Heart of Glass" on it). I also got two other records, but I'll mention the names of those later because they're for Caleb, and he doesn't get them until Saturday.

I'm going back downtown tomorrow afternoon, when I get my paycheck. And I'm going to buy the Poloroid camera that I found for 5 bucks, the red shag rug that's going for $20, two more records ("Ella Fitzgerald sings Gershwin" and a Cole Porter album), and possibly a desk chair that's $10. I know, that's almost $40 (plus I'm buying a new swimsuit from Target before spring break), but it's about time I spent some money on myself. On more than just gas and groceries. There's also a graphic design book that I'm dying to get from Barnes and Noble, but that can wait.

I'm trying to type out my resume so I can apply for some jobs over spring break. I need to call a few hotels tomorrow and see if they're even hiring. I have to make a general resume, a hotel front desk resume, a graphic design resume, and a retail resume. Bleh. I don't feel like doing four different resumes.

It's so hard to believe that Spring Break is next week, and I'm going to Florida. This is my first real "spring break". I mean, I've never gone anywhere besides Michigan, so it will be nice going somewhere warm. Plus, I'm really excited about going to the beach, seeing Gunsmoke Dialogue play some shows, seeing Caleb's family, and most of all, hanging out with all the Florida people that I rarely get to see!

It's gonna be a lot of fun, folks, LOTS of fun.

[listening to: Celebrity--"Lovesick"]


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