It's 11:51 and I'm still in my pajamas. Ahh. Feels good. Especially since none of yesterday belonged to me. Oh, it belonged to Pottery Barn Kids. It belonged to the Dentist, who gave me 3 fillings and two shots of novacane that went as far ast to make my nose numb (and let me tell ya, that is a wierd feeling). It even belonged to Ann Taylor Loft, who called me into work from 6 to close, while my lip was still unconcious. But did it belong to me? No sir. It was very sad.

So that is why today I'm enjoying my freedom to wear scrubby clothes until the wee hours of the evening. Okay, so I'll probably be changing in about half an hour when I head to the gym. But I still have a choice!

Tomorrow is going to be the longest day of my entire summer (so far). I have to work 1-10 (yes, that's nine hours!) at PBK, and the next day we're leaving for Florida. I think the only way I'll make it is if we get hit with a huge crowd and it's crazy busy. I'm crossing my fingers.

Have you ever been laying in bed talking on the phone, hung up, and then "closed your eyes for just a second", only to wake up the next morning with your lights still on? Becuase I definitely have. I did last night--and granted, if you're a guy, it's not that bad, but when you wear contacts and you haven't brushed your teeth or washed your face...well, you wake up at 7:30 feeling pretty nasty. I'm really bad about that (the falling asleep thing, not the feeling nasty). I do it all the time in the mornings--I'l get out of the shower and decide to hop back in bed for "just a couple of minutes". Only to fall asleep and wake up 5 minutes before I have to leave. I've been better about it in the past few years, but when I was in high school this contributed to many, many days of being late for school and causing me to lose my tv privilages.

Oh. Shoot. "I Love the Ninties" just came on VH1. Well, forget going to the gym for another hour. Sometimes I love cable, and sometimes it just takes over my life.


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