Holy Man! I can't believe how fast the past couple days have gone by. I blinked and now it's Saturday. Which, don't get me wrong--is wonderful. Three days until I'm back at school.

Whew. I went to the Webster's house (the people that I house/dog-sat for) on my break from work so I could walk their dog. Sadie (the...well, I'm really not sure what kind of dog she is, but she's not big and she's not small) is fairly excitable, but she calmed down enough to take her out for a walk. I decided that I'm really not a dog person. They follow you around everywhere, like that clingy friend you can never get rid of; they drool on you and lick you and smell funny; they bark and growl at anyone who comes to the door...dogs are okay, but give me a cat any day. My cat is wonderful. She sits on my lap, she's clean, she's neat, she's silly, and she doesn't chew things up or make loud noises. Yup, cats are great.

Anyhow, I got off work at 10 and ended up watching tv in the Webster's humongeous living room. With its fireplace, gigantic half-mirrored wall, bay windows, and sofa/chaise lounge, it was a wonderful setting to enjoy watching AMC on the three foot, widescreen, flatscreen tv. Ohh yeah. I talked to Caleb and Cameron (Cam is hanging out in Branford/St. Augustine for a few days) a bit and then went to bed. In a wonderful, huge, major-comfy bed. I love big houses.

I actually had all day Friday to relax--no work! I read, took a walk, drew (yes, I drew! I drew! I'm so proud of myself!), watched a little tv, and played piano. It was grand. Kate came over around 1:30 and we watched The Most Depressing Movie Ever: "The Butterfly Effect." I kept hearing from people that it was really good. Well, I've got news for you: well-made, sure. Nicely directed, great. Good acting: eh, decent. But the plotline? Terrible! Horrible! Morbid! Depressing! Ugh. It's one of a very small percentage of movies that I wish I hadn't seen. Bleh.

After we watched The Most Depressing Movie Ever, we were, well, fairly depressed. But Kate had to go home and Cork was on her way, so I was able to divert my mind from how cruel life can be (You think I'm kidding? Seriously, this movie was sad!). Cork and I headed over to the Detroit Institute of Arts. They're open late on Fridays, so we got to wander around the galleries for free. I'd forgotten how many paintings they have that I really enjoy--lots of Roethke, Picasso, Van Gogh, Florine Stettheimer and Miro.

We ate at Olive Garden, where we were serviced by our creepy waiter, Eric, who said things like, "I'm Eric, and I'll take care of both of you tonight," (in a tone that sounded like he was thinking about things other than food) and, "Oh, sure, I'll bring the ranch right out--if I forget, just slap me--in the face, that is." Eww, Eric was slimey. But the food was good, and I am in love with Olive Garden's "lunch portion" (cheaper than dinner and the perfect amount of food). We looked around Nordstrom Rack and then hung out at my house until eleven, reading pages from my cool Found book (thanks Cameron!).

I had my last day of work at Pottery Barn Kids today. And wow, what a last day it was. We were up to our eyelashes in busy, and it was lots of complicated merchandise credit, catalogue order, stock searching, back ordered, gift regeistry craziness. Every confusing transaction and/or customer service situation that exists happened today, short of being robbed blind or having the store burn down. It was that insane. On the upside, it did make the day go by fast, and though I'll miss PBK and the fun people there, I'm glad to be done with a summer of long retail hours. Now I have two five hour shifts at Ann Taylor and I'm outta here!


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