Finally. I'm sitting at a Mac in the computer lab, with an hour and a half to burn. It's certainly taken long enough, that's for sure. Then again, it's barely even been a week since classes started, so I think that's pretty good. This is my "Flash MX" hour of the day, though I'm taking a break to update. I'm only taking 12 credits this semester--which I admit, for me, is strange. I've taken 15 or 16 credits every semester since I was a freshman, and now...to only have four classes? Well, it's just way too weird. So I'm adding my own "class" to my schedule, and that is Flash MX 101. I ordered a book called Flash to the Core from amazon at Cameron's advice andI'll be using it to teach myself. My goal is to have a really nice Flash-created portfolio by the end of the semester that I can send to Flagler with my application.

Can I admit that I'm really bad at the "opening" part of journal entries? I never know where to start. Especially when it's been a long time. So let me just get the basics out of the way for those who haven't heard from me in a while:

*I moved to Forestbrook, this great little apartment complex about five minutes from Caleb's place. I'm living with my friend Stephanie, and our place is awesome. Very cozy and full of records. When we get more finished, I'll post pictures.

*I'm taking the following classes this fall: Modern Poetry, Advanced Expository Writing, Gourmet Cooking, and Marriage and Family (it's a Psych class). Basiclly, I'm finishing up my english minor and then adding two fun classes to fill space. And no, I don't mind at all.

*I'm still working for Student Life, only this time at the East Campus Clubhouse (i've probably mentioned that before, but whatever). I didn't think it were possible to have a job easier than David's Place, but yeah, it is. I love it. I sit around and basicly get paid to read. And listen to music. And every now and then, tell people that No, they aren't allowed to wear a Speedo in the pool--and yes, they can use the playstation if they give me their student ID. Ah, let the good times roll.

*Caleb is having a great time working for Student Activities (planning concerts and trips and whatnots) and I'm definitely enjoying the benefits of being the girlfriend of a S.A. person.

That about brings you up to speed. Oh, and Liberty is crowded as all get-out. I've parked in the commuter lot once since I've been here. I always end up stuck in the pit/DP parking lot, which is eons away from everything. Especially when it's pouring rain like today (Do I have an umbrella? yes. Did I leave it in the car? yes.)

I've been spending a lot of time in Barnes and Noble lately, since I have a two hour break between my MWF classes--perfect time for eating lunch and reading. Also the perfect time for getting addicted to design magazines. Which is good and bad: good because I get inspired, bad because I want to do eight million things that I still don't really know how to do. I need art school, desparately.

For now, however, I'll have to rely on myself and my little Flash tutorial.

check out Cameron's story of our little Charlottesville experience. Yeah, it was both frustrating and fun.


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