So this is it! (Wooo!)...ok I promise I won't break out in song (points to everyone who can sing the previous phrase and actually get the melody right). But I'm finished! Tonight was my final night of work. And, hopefully, it was my final night of ever working in Michigan. Mmm, yeah that feels nice to type. Tomorrow is just all the final packing and getting my hair cut and what nots. Which, I have to say, I'm really hoping that my hair doesn't turn out horribly, becuase if it does I'm don't have any room to let it "grow out". I'll just have to deal with it. Joyce is good, though, so I'm trusting that I'll end up with something decent.

I'm so excited. Have I mentioned that I'm excited? I can't blieve how quickly this summer has gone. As usual, I started it with my list of "to-do"s and projects, and finished it with only a few things crossed off. But you know what? I'm happy with my summer. Even though I'm bummed that I didn't get to go to any shows, and I wish I could've hung out with more of my friends, I'm proud of myself. I worked two jobs, and still found time to do a lot of the things I wanted. Like buy more records and scavenge Goodwills and sew more and finish up my website (all I have left is some of the portfolio section). Yay for me.

I talked to Cameron today--he has a cell phone now (so if you're a Sprint person and you want another person to add to your free "sprint to sprint" list, just give me a call and I'll get you his number). And on the flipside, Caleb doesn't have one (he's waiting till I get there) and it cause him a lot of grief today. Apparently David's Place is now the Center for Worship, and he had no idea where student activities had moved to. I'm getting the idea that the new Campus North is enormous, and I'm not sure how I'm going to like the way everything is changing. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm all for change and for doing things better....but dang. We're starting out with over 4000 freshman (last I heard). That's just wrong.

Oh well. Not much to do besides thank Jesus that I live off-campus. Thank you Lord! And with that, I'm going to bed, so I can get ready for a busy last day tomorrow. Hasta!


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