It's been quite a while, no? I apologize. I have been, for lack of a better word, incapacitated. In a time sense, at least. I was in Baltimore last Saturday (art museum and the like, I'll post pictures later), I had to write a paper this week, I made a flier for open mic and two brochures for a friend of mine that amounted to at least 30 or so hours in the computer lab. After some of which, at 2am in the morning, I left the lab to discover that I had locked my keys in my car. Oh yes. This resulted in an ordeal in which 1) I now loathe the LUPD and their selfish ways 2) I'm really glad I have a boyfriend who loves me enough to come pick me up at 2:30 in the morning 3) I had to miss my morning class because my apartment (containing my books and clothes and such) was locked, unopenable since my key was on my keychain...in my car's ignition 4) I know the operators at the AAA call center much better than I'd care to. Thankfully, that's all over with, and after I stop venting into this keyboard, I'll finish up my paper, turn it in next class, and then be solidly done with all that's needed doing this week.

I might even go watch a movie.

It doesn't help that I feel terrible right now--I'm being haunted by the whole throat, nose, headcold ordeal. It's one of those days where I wish I could collapse in the middle of the floor, legs flung out, arms outstretched on either side, head limply falling to the left floor tiles. And then I would just lay there, until one of the computer lab drones came and told me that what I was doing wasn't permissible, a fire hazard, etc. They'd be lucky that it's a nasty tiled floor, for if it was carpeted in here I would never leave. Hypothetically. Of course.

My flash-learning has taken a bit of a backseat to all of the craziness this week, but I'm working on getting back to speed. I want so badly to transform this site into a much cooler one with all the lovely flash excitement. I'm just not inspired by a theme as of yet.

Alright, enough of me. My paper awaits, and impatiently at that. Enjoy your fridays and do some sitting around. It's good for you.


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