I had class this morning at 10:50. I woke up at 10:53. Yeah. I actually amazed myself and got ready in less than ten minutes, grabbed two granola bars, and made it to class by 11:20. Which, yes, is still pretty late, but you have to take into consideration the fact that it's my cooking class (which lasts two and a half hours) and that she doesn't usually start until 11:05. So I made it, just as they were finishing up making salads to eat from the veggies we cut up during our last class about knives. So not only did I make it to class and not get in trouble, but I had a nice salad with ranch for lunch!

The only sad thing about not getting up on time is that I wanted to wake up at 8:30 so I could do longer devotions and make waffles for breakfast. But then, there's always the weekend.

I'm killing time (I know, I really don't have room to be doing that, since there's so much on my to-do list) in the Mac Lab before our Kairos meeting...which happens to be in five minutes, so I should be going soon. But I'm annoyed because I wanted to update a few things on the site and I can't, because Dreamweaver is being all wierd and not letting me download stuff from the remote host. I could just use a regular ftp program and do it in notepad, but I don't have time to download a client ((end of internet speak)). So we'll see, I just hope they get this fixed soon.

I'm making lasagna for dinner tonight, and Caleb and I are supposed to go downtown to sketch this evening. Yay for free Thursdays.

Oh, and I'm getting an iPod on Saturday. More on that later.


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