Right now, I'm importing half of Caleb's cds on to his new mac. Yeah. His 15in Apple Powerbook. I'm burning the cds so that I can import them on to my iPod. ((This is where I jump up and down around the room)). It's so pretty. I can't stop stroking it. And it's shiny, and I'm such a nerd I'm going to knit a case for it so that it doesn't get scratched. Unghhhgh. So pretty. I have to be careful not to start reciting poetry to it and singing it songs (which would be really silly since it can hold 5000 of its own songs).

But, as happy as I am about my new iPod, it doesn't top my bigger news: I'm getting a G5. Soon. When we were at the apple store in Richmond, he told me that he's going to help me get the computer and I can pay him back as I get the money. Wow. I hugged the G5...oh, and I also hugged him. It was all I could do not to start cartwheeling around the store. I don't know if it will be until Christmas, but either way I can't wait. I'm soooo so excited.

I also finally saw Napoleon Dynamite. GREAT movie. I laughed more than I expected to, and it was more random than I possibly could've imagined. I spent half an hour on the phone yesterday quoting lines back and forth with my brother. I also have a renewed love for eighties t-shirts.

So, want to hear my latest method of trying to motivate myself and get more done? I'm going to focus on one thing a week. Which, I know, isn't a very long time, but normally I want to do five projects a week and end up doing none. So this week's focus is my iPod cover. I'm heading over to craftster.org to find some ideas, then I'm buying more needles (I still have a scarf on my other ones) and some yarn before Thursday. I WILL get this done, even if it takes a couple days longer than a week. And I will post pictures. You'll be happy to know that after I finish the iPod case project (I should name my iPod, now that I think of it...any suggestions?), I'm going down my list to things like, "Scan in all black and white photos" and "upload fliers/design stuff to web site." And if you see me slacking off (i.e., that stuff hasn't happened a month from now), feel free to leave me mean and nasty comments.

I'm going to see Snow Patrol and Eisley tomorrow at the Norva. Mmmmm. I'll let you know how it goes--I've never heard Snow Patrol, but Dan and Chris are saying good things, so we'll see. Until then, I'll be uploading days and days of music onto my tiny little box that fits in my back pocket. Mwahahahaha


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