She will be loved

I am, again, at home in Michigan. I almost said "unfortunately", but I am glad about the home part, just not the cold part. I was in Florida (click for pictures) just last Wednesday, but alas, I had to come back:

So in the midst of this frozen Michigan winter, I have done something slightly profitable. I redesigned this blog. Yay! I'm working on re-doing the whole site, but this will be it for now. Simple, yes. Pretty? Also yes.

Some hypothetical dialogue to get you up to date...

You: So, Crystal, what have you been up to these past few weeks?
Me: Why, I've been pretty durn busy, as a matter of fact!
You: Doing what?
Me: Well, let's see...I finished up my classes [two A's and two B's, thankyaverymuch], learned to crochet, drove to Pennsylvania to spend Christmas with my family, rode with them to Detroit, flew to Florida and hung out with Caleb and his friends for a week, went to a fun New Year's Party, watched a bunch of "Arrested Development" episodes, flew back to Detoit, endured half a blizzard, helped my dad move a cance care center into a new office for ten hours, saw "Meet the Fockers", slept in, and stayed up too late.
You: Whew!
Me: Yeah, I know. I'm getting tired just thinking about all of it.
You: So, you're not going to school next semester, are you?
Me: Nah, I've already taken as many classes as I could that will transfer to Flagler. I'm going to work for a semester and work on my portfolio before I move to Florida this summer.
You: Cool. So you're actually gonna have time to keep this whole posting thing up?
Me: You Betcha!

Ahh, that was a nice conversation, wasn't it? So I'm a dork, leave me alone.

I just finished watching a really great Family Guy (the one where Peter wishes for a soundtrack to his life and later loses all his bones) and a really horrible Aqua Teen Hunger Force (the one where they go on vacation and Carl is house-sitting for them and he later loses all his skin). Can I say I love adult swim? I love adult swim. I'm just sad that I missed Arrested Development becuase I forgot it comes on tonight. I got addicted to that show while I was at Caleb's, along with Project Runway (one of the designer's names is "Austin Scarlet" and he's the spitting image of Andy Warhol. That did it right there, on top of the fact that they actually make things every week and use real talent).

I had to drive my dad to the airport this afternoon, which was fun since I didn't get much sleep last night. The combination of dark streets and warm automobile interior would have done me over if it weren't for those wonderful MeWithoutYou boys. "Catch for us the Foxes" kept me awake and happy, and also made me want to steal from my brother (it's his cd). I think when I get back to Lynchburg, Caleb and I will just split the cost so I can put it on my iPod and give it to him to listen to. Yes. I think I will do exactly that.

Fin for now, everyone. 1:02 am and my bed is sounding reeeeal good.


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