Whew. Darned if that weren't a pretty crazy past couple of days. Mostly it consisted of bunches of running around for the Jars of Clay concert. I helped out a lot with Caleb's running around, making backstage passes and setting up stage...it was a lot of fun. We even got to eat in the Green Room after Jars finished, and let me tell you--they had some reaaaally good cheesecake. It was a long night, I must say. One cool thing is that because they had to fly Jars in from Nova Scotia, they didn't have most of their equiptment. This is good because they ended up borrowing drums from Drew (Gunsmoke Dialogue's drummer) and an amp from Cameron. They even put all new heads on Drew's drums and signed them and everything. We were pretty happy about that.

So I'm feeling much better than when I last posted, except that I'm still just as busy. I'm now pretty much in charge of re-designing the Student Life section of the Liberty website. Which is going to be a pretty big responsibility, but I'm happy about it. It should give me some extra hours and I'm excited to make the page look better (it's pretty sad right now).

At the moment I'm (finally) burning more of my cd's on to Caleb's laptop. It's taking awhile because I have a lot of mix cds that I have to go through and individually name each song...good thing I'm working. Meaning, getting paid to do this. I love my job. Well, I also hate my job when the clubhouse is filled with freshman watching the Yankees. Blech. I've discovered that I just really don't like sports. I can handle a hockey game now and then for about 15 minutes, but beyond that...nope. Can't do it.

I'm lucky my boyfriend feels pretty much the same way. Speaking of boyfriends, Gunsmoke Dialogue is playing a show tomorrow night: four bands for four bucks, the Candler's Mountain Drowsy Poet. I'm not sure on the time, but I think it starts around seven or so. Cameron should have the details. You should go, it will be a good show.

I might as well wrap it up, I should probably look like I'm doing...well, something. I'm sure I can figure it out. Hasta!


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