Only for a moment, then it's gone...

The clouds that occupy the Lynchburg skies have decided that they're sick of the city. They also decided that it would be a lot of fun to drop a bunch of ice and sleet on us while they laugh. Oh yes--these clouds are cruel. At least they haven't succeeded in me wrecking my car. Then i'd be really mad.

Because of the bad weather, my day went something like this: sleep in until 11:30, wake up, sleep more until 12:30, get up, drive to Caleb's, go to the Gym (and, might I add, work my tail off), eat chicken sandwich at Caleb's, watch most of Rocky IV (which was actually pretty good), make hamburgers for dinner, walk to the dollar theatre and see "Shall We Dance?" (not bad for your typical romantic-comedy, although the soundtrack was rank), come back to Caleb's, help him clean his room, knit for a while, drive home, get really tired, decide I should put something in my blog....and now I'm going to bed.

Anyone remember Swedish Fish? My grandma bought me a bag when I was in PA, and dang they are good. Addictive, even.



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