looking up...in a hopeful sort of way

Blogger has kind of been on the fritz lately. It takes eight years to publish my posts and I'm not really sure what the deal is. All I know is that it's not very nice.

Yesterday, on the other hand, was very nice indeed. I had my InService orientation, which went really well, and I got a call from Flagler that pretty much confirmed that I've been accepted. Now, granted, I'm not officially in or anything, but I'm now 90% Pretty Darn Sure. Which, let me tell you, is a really great feeling. I was grinning all day.

This morning I had a follow-up interview with InService, which also went well. If they don't hire me, it can only be because I won't be here for a super long time. Hopefully that won't matter, and they'll call me on Thursday to let me know that I'm in.

I'm working on a cd layout for my friend Luke Smith. He makes amazing music, and the cd will be out soon, so you'll definitely have to check it out. He's playing at the Campus Artist Concert Series on Friday night. It's free, it's at David's Place, and Gunsmoke Dialogue will be there too, as well as Blake Powell. So show up, it will start around 8pm.

I feel bored tonight, which is sad because there are lots of things I could be doing. I think I'm going to call it a night and go read until I fall asleep.

Ahh, the exciting life and times of a former-future-but-currently-non-college student.


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