Woo Hoo!!!

Above, of course, is the only suitable title for this entry. seeing as how...


Ahem. Yes, yes I did. InService America called me back this afternoon (note: Friday afternoon--they were supposed to call yesterday, which put me through about 23 hours of frustration and worry, thinking I was going to be working for Subway or something. Not that there's anything wrong with that). I'm scheduled to start my (paid) training next week, Tuesday through Friday, 5-10. I'm so excited, and so relieved, that I actually have a job. It's nice to know that I'm not going to sit around being useless all semester!

I'm almost done with Luke Smith's cd. It's looking good and I'm really happy with it. I'll post the final layout once we get it sent to press and everything. It's got a real gritty feel to it, which really suits his music. Speaking of which, he's one of the opening acts for Gunsmoke Dialogue tonight--9:00 at David's Place. It's free, so you need to come and enjoy the music. Blake Powell is also playing, and the boy carries a mean piano. Or...something. Wow, what a mental picture.

When you were in high school or junior high, did you used to write extremely long emails to your friends? I remember sending two pages worth of emailness to people I'd seen in school the very same day. I can't even imagine how I could write for so long, I'm sure half of it must have been pointless. I wish I had saved some.

Does anyone know where to get cheap (but not "cheap") RAM? Turns out my computer needs more (i'm only running 256MB right now, I want to get 512MB more). I found some by Crucial for 80 bucks or so, but if anyone knows a place where I can get it cheaper, give me a holla.

Oh, if you live in the Lynchburg area, you need to check out the Mountain Frost Creamery (right next to the Daily Grind in Wyndhurst). Wow. They have some amazing ice cream. I had a scoop of this stuff called "Vanilla Cake Batter", and it was just this side of heaven. I seriously felt like I was licking cake beaters (only colder, and in a bowl). They've also got gelato--still not as good as in Italy (and it never will be in the US!), but good nonetheless--not to mention probably the only place to get it in Lynchburg.

Mmm. Ice cream. I love you, ice cream, with all my frozen heart.


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