And there it went

First full day of work: check! Wow, and does it ever feel good. The first day is always the most nerve-wracking, (I completely didn't spell that right, but I'm too lazy to change it) but I managed to avoid any crazy situations. The calls (I'm working for a call center that answers ministry phone calls/orders, remember?) weren't bad, and they were pretty steady. They were mostly for orders and questions about backorders--those are nice because we just refer them to the ministry order line. No irate customers for me, thankyouverymuch. I did have one guy who I don't think was quite right in de head: he called to ask exactly who was in the lion's den with Daniel, and how many people were in the firey (again, don't think I spelled that right) furnace. Apparently his sunday school teacher told him to draw those scenes for next weeks lessons. It was, well, sweet--in an edge of creepy kinda way (you had to hear his voice. Yikes).

The best part is that the day went by quickly. I think that's what I was most afraid of. I'm glad this is one job that won't live on infamously as, "Yeah, I had the worst first day ever...." Luckily I haven't had one of those (or at least, not a scarringly horrible one).

Although, if you do happen to have one (and even better if you quit the next day becuase it was so bad)--do share. So that I can laugh at your expense if nothing else. Er, with you. Laugh with you. Right.


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