snow anticipation

I'm sitting on my orange chair in my room, at 1:49am--still wearing my jacket from when I got in about forty minutes ago. I've been drawn into googling Project Runway stuff. The season finale was tonight, and was it ever good. Caleb and I are such nerds about that show, but honestly: it's so refreshing to watch a "reality show" that actually has a point. Things are actually created, there's art involved. Plus, the contestants don't automatically fall into "reality" mode where they sleep with every last being in the show and lose all sense of...well, reality. Jay McCarroll won, and I'm really happy abou tthat--which is funny, because I couldn't stand him at the beginning of the show. Now, I love his designs, and his "Stereotype" line is amazing. I wish I could afford to buy some of his stuff. That's all right, however, becuase it only inspires me to get out my sewing machine and do some creating of my own.

We're supposed to be getting 4-8 inches of snow tonight, so I'm going to bed with some wishful thinking. Even though I don't have to work tomorrow anyway, it would be a great day for Caleb to have off so that we can go hang out and be lazy. He needs that. Especially if that lazy involves a dollar theatre matinee and a trip to BN. Painting the Burg red as normal!

Everyone pray for my friend Katie. She's in Australia right now with YWAM, but she's heading off to Nepal soon. She needs more financial support and the usual blessings of prayer while she's out spreading Jesus to the far corners.


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