"revealed in the sky to leave all behind..."

A couple of things:

*Mitch Hedburg died. I am so sad about this. So much humor that will never be experienced again.
*The new Mae cd is out and it's beautiful. I've listened to it a ton and I am in love with the illustrations in the booklet.
*mewithoutyou has a new(ish) site design and it's very pretty, though a bit slow loading. I really like the sketches though. I hope aaron did them. That would be cool.
*I'm feeling a bit under the weather. I really hope I don't come down with something--this is completely the wrong time for it, since it's nice outside and I'm only a month away from being done with my Boring Job.
*I finished the banner design for Relay For Life, which I really need to post here. Soon enough.
*If you're slightly concerned about your financial state, go read Financial Peace by David Ramsey. It's amazing. Two thumbs up from me.


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