Family members return. Dramatic!

My brother is back from Europe! Yay! And I am now eating yummy swiss chocolate and wearing my third pair of Swarovski Crystal Factory Star Earrings (the first two pairs broke or got lost, and they only have them in Austria so Philip got me another pair).

I just got passed the Music Baton from Cameron, which is some little random music thing to fill out, but since my computer is still in Florida and I am not, it will have to wait. Especially since my old PC erased my iPod. Boo. But look for a future update of the Music Baton.

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut. Short. Really Short. Most likely the Shortest It's Ever Been. It's a little scary, but I'm excited about it. I figure, I'm moving to Florida in less than 2 weeks, it will be very hot and I don't have any A/C in my car, and if it looks bad short, then I have all summer to grow it out until classes begin. Don't worry, I'll post pictures once I get it done, so if it looks bad then you can laugh with me.


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