Silver and Gray and Apple'd all over

I am the bomb. No, really, I am. I convinced my parents to get a Mac Mini, especially because they had one that was "refreshed" (in other words, refurbished) for $449 and we got a really nice printer with it for free (after rebates). So now, instead of our super Slow Old Nasty HP, I am typing this on a Mac! Yay! The only sad thing is that in using my iPod to save our old files before we switched over, Windows told me I had to "Configure" my iPod. Well, nobody told me that "configure" actually means "Format." Or in other words, "Wait one moment while we erase your entire iPod and all 18GB of songs on it, which is really terrible because you won't be getting your G5 back for another 3 weeks, after your 12 hour drive to Florida." Yeah, that's what configure REALLY means. SIgh. It will be okay in the end, though (I guess) becuase Phil had a lot of songs (including fun stuff like Wilco and The Cure) on his laptop's iTunes that I don't have, so I just put those on there for now.

I can't find my glasses or my favorite pair of jeans, which is really sad. But I am going to meet Cork in about 45 minutes to go to Anthropologie and other fun downtown Birmingham stores, and I am really excited about that. I'm also excited because tonight is the Season Finale of Gilmore girls. Which is quite possibly the Best Show Ever. Ohhh yeah.


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