Gotta Love It

So since I last posted (last really posted, not yesterday's test one) a number of things have happened:
  • I got a job working at the front desk at the Holiday Inn, which I reallly like so far.

  • Caleb spent a week at Youth Camp, where he went backpacking, ate camp food, and did other fun camp things with lots of little campers. Cuteness.

  • Cameron and Shannon are officially dating! Aww! (Yeah, I kinda saw it coming, but I'm happy that it happened because I love both of them to death).

And that brings us about up to date. All the Rino boys and gals are coming in this weekend and so is Caleb's family, so fun times will abound. I'm still looking for a place to live, but God will take care of me and I'm not worried. C'est la vie!


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