stuck in reverse

I feel so disconcerted. Half my stuff is at Nanny's, half is at the Maroon Tiny. We don't have any hot water yet. The deadbolt is only half installed in the front door. I can't figure out how to configure my room. Our front yard floods when it rains, so we have to go buy more large garden stones so we have a higher path to the street. Confused? Yeah, me too.

The good new is, Philip had an interview with California Closets today. It went really well, and they told him to call them in two weeks for a second interview and then he can start training (they just had someone start today and they don't train more than one person at once). It sounds really promising, and I'm praying that it will work out for him. It's a really great job--he would be the "Installer", and they would give him a uniform and a van and everything and after the prep guys finished prepping these rich people's spaces, he would go in and install the closet with the tools that they gave him, and he'd make a very good deal of money. It would be the perfect thing to take him through school, and I think he'd be good at it.

But we won't find out for two weeks.

Oh, pray for Caleb and his family right now. They need it, because there are many decisions to be made. God is big and I have to remind myself of that sometimes (or he reminds me).

Finally, I am sick and tired of the rain. I want to go to the beach, and now that I have time the weather has been crappy. You heard me. I didn't stutter.


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