The Maroon Tiny

I can't believe it's almost eleven already. Today went by quite quickly. Admittedly, Philip and I didn't get up until 11 this morning, but we deserved some sleeping in. We got right to work on our house, with some stops at Home Depot and Target first. Let's see, what did I do today? Well, I swiffered, I mopped, I cleaned the refridgerator, I put shelf paper and liner in our cabinets, I paid the service deposit and got our electricity turned on, and I killed a big nasty mosquito. He was very large, and very icky. But now he's just dead.

What did Philip do today? Well, he put up mini-blinds, fixed a door, put in a dead-bolt, and got the fans to work.

I like my house. We even named it today:

The Maroon Tiny.

Yup, that's its name. I borrowed Shannon and Allison's rental-house-naming system that originally spawned both The Pink Nasty and The Blue Dirty.

So today was all about the house, and tomorrow probably will be too. But it will also be about finding Philip a good job. Pray for him, he needs a cool one.


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