No Time for Losers

Today I unpacked a bunch of stuff and gernerally just cleaned up a bit. It was much needed and I feel better already. Caleb and Philip put up two shelves in the kitchen, so now I have someplace to put all of my "dry food" (noodles and such). It definitely gives me more cabinet space, that's for sure.

Philip got a job! He's working for maintenance (I swear I have no idea how to spell that right) at my hotel! I'm mreally excited becuase I think it will be perfect for him, plus Mike (his boss) is really laid back and cool.

Today is Day Three of having No Hot Water. It stinks, it really does, because I really need to take a shower. Just kidding. I've been using Uncle Chuck and and Sherry's house to get clean, but I'd really like to be able to use my own bathroom again. Y'know. It'd be nice. Tory (my landlord and also owner of the Surf Station is already on it and hopefully he'll have it working again by Monday or Tuesday.

Which, actually, I'll be in Georgia then visiting Kate and Dustin and going to Ikea. Can't wait.

Tomorrow I'm going surfing. It's about darn time.


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