The Boys are Back in Town

(Well, the other town--Graceville, that is.) Yep, Caleb and Luke are gone and settled into their dorms. I drove with Caleb to Lake City on Tuesday, and enjoyed some much needed hanging-outage with EbandAllison, ShannonandCameron, DavidandNina and Ray. Caleb and I ate at The Gathering for the last time (for awhile, anyway), and it was really good.

It was really nice seeing everybody and walking around Walmart till all hours of the nigth. Ray and Eb and I brainstormed about website stuff, which was fun (especially trying to explain certain things to Eb).

Caleb leaving was kinda rough. I did okay, I'm pretty proud of myself--I barely even cried. It helped being able to hang out with people for the next day and a half. But still, sad day.

Eb had bible study at his house with some of the people from him and Allison's church, and it was really awesome. We talked about "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller. Awesome book, I'm on chapter seven now and I can't wait to finish it. It makes me rethink a lot of things (our discussion that night did to), like why I do things, why churches do things, and how God needs to be treated as more than just a religion. Which, of course, I know, but just the way that we talked about it was so good. I will probably write more about it later, but suffice to say it was awesome.

Now I'm back in St. Augustine--I've been working for the past few days. Phil and Josh and I went to Jax on Friday, and I got my iSight from the Apple store. It works perfectly and I'm so excited--I can't wait for Caleb to get his. I also got Caleb part 2 of his birthday present (I got him running shoes before he left) and I think he's gonna like it.

I really wish school would hurry up and start. I can't wait to actually have friends in this area. Dang. That will be nice...

I have to work at 3, so I'm going to go make some lunch and then read for a bit. So until later....


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