It just takes some time

So I'm at work. I really shouldn't be doing this right now, but it is DEAD slow and I've been really bored. Happy Gilmore is on TV, but I've already seen it so I'm just paying attention at the good parts.

We're sold out tomorrow night at the hotel--all the freshman parents for Flagler are coming in. We've even had a few come in tonight. It's so wierd, being a transfer. I don't really have any of the same feelings that I did when I was a freshman, except for maybe excitement. I'm not really nervous about having to meet new people...I just hope I don't get mistaken for a freshman eighty million times. Not that there's anything wrong with being a freshman, but...you know. I've already put in 3 years. I'm ready to move on.

I went to the beach today. The ocean was like a washing machine--waves churning all over the place, foaming up like crazy. I barely got in more than waist deep before it started dragging me down the shore. I hope it's better tomorrow, since it will be my last free day before school starts.

I can't wait to go to Tallahassee on Saturday. It will be so good to see Caleb again. And that whole Jimmy Eat World thing won't be so bad either. ;)


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