Music = $

1 day, 21 hours till I see Caleb (not to mention Jimmy Eat World! Woo hoo!). Ok, there's my schmoopy moment for the day.

I'm going to Turtles music to sell them some cds: Scissor Sisters, The Ravonettes, and Dido. I almost feel like I'm duping them, becuase I have all of the cds burnt on my mac and on my iPod. And I don't really listen to them all that much. Hopefully I'll get enough money to buy a Shins cd (I want both, but I'll settle for one).

I watched the american version of The Office (Season 1) last night. It was funny, but as much as I like Steve Carell, I still have to say that the BBC version is better. More real, more awkward, and the boss is just so much better. It's much more painful to watch, but in the best sort of way.

I'm in love with Cut x Paste. I want to buy everything on there. It's not good, definitely not good. Before I decided I was going to buy a bike, I was about to spend all the money from my returned iSight on cute/funky handmade stuff. I still might. Someday.


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