Root Beer Floats

So I rode my bike downtown again today. It takes exactly 12 and a half minutes to get from my front door to Flagler (15 to get from here to the art department). This makes me happy, since it means that bike riding will be a wonderful mode of transportation for classes.

I decided to stop at Holly's Diner on my way back to get a root beer float. It was divine, as only root beer floats can be. I even got extra root beer when I was running low.

As I was unlocking my bike on the way out, I fell into conversation with a guy named Dean, the owner of Wiggy Records. He has two artists signed so far; he showed me a cd that looked very well-done. Turns out he's been looking for someone to do the website, and I gave him my url to check out my portfolio (even though it's sorely in need of updating--though I did add a few things today). It'd be fun to to a record label website, although I'm definitely busy as it is. But you know me. One more minute is all I need...


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