And all you see is where else you could be

I got into Design I! I am so happy, even though it sounds like that class is going to kick my butt. But Computer Graphics I and Visual Communication II are going to be easy. And hopefully so will Creativity: The Art of Possibility. But I might have to drop that if I can't drop my Math class. Which apparently is not very easy to drop. But I was informed that if I cry and use big words to the Math Dept. head lady, then she'll probably let me drop it.

I hope so.

In other news, I have a really annoying cold (still) and so I'm drinking raspberry tea. Which I really like. But I don't like the motives I have to drink it.

I hung out with Liz and McTwigans tonight, and met her roomates Kate and Sarah. They're really nice. We watched "Big Trouble", which I hadn't seen in forever. I forgot how hilarous it is. Especially the goats. And Martha Stewart. (You'll just have to watch it, now won't you?)


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