Rainy Days and Wax People

I just spent a lovely afternoon with Josh and Philip. I got this free attraction VIP pass for Saint Augustine just becuase I work at a hotel, so now I have the next thirty days to visit every touristy thing in the city. We went to Potter's Wax Museum today, which was mildly entertaining. I'm glad I didn't pay anything for it, but the torture chamber part was cool, and The was figure of Al Capone that turns its head scared the crap out of Josh.

We also saw this incredibly corny "movie" presentation about some boy in a river who gets inspired to cross a swamp becuase of all the great heros who have lived before him. I guess it was supposed to be life-changing, but I just wanted to see them putting eyeballs into the wax and cool stuff like that.

Chick-Fil-A is still my number 1 favorite fast food restaurant (considering that Arby's is the only other one I actually like, I guess that isn't saying a whole lot--then again, since those are the only two fast food places I eat at aside from Sonic [to get limeades] and a very rare stop at Wendy's when Caleb convinces me, maybe it is something. And this aside is way too long). Um, yeah, I ate there for dinner. It was good.

Tropical Storm Ophelia is hovering around Cape Carnaval, and as a result it's been pouring rain here for the past three days. I'm really starting to get tired of it, especially becuase a lot of the streets flood downtown, making it really wet for me to get to class. Although, since I had to drive down a different street to get out the other night (the end of my road tends to flood), I got to see a SWAT team! They busted out of a white van and surrounded a house and everything! Very cool, all exciting an' whatnot.


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