Smile like you mean it.

At work. Bored. Being a bad girl and using the internet. Typical, I know.

The National Hypnosis Group is here tonight in our conference room hosting a thing where they get people to either stop smoking or lose weight. Which means that around 6:00 there will be eighty people smoking their "last cigarette" just outside our front entry. I'm not kidding, last time there was so much smoke you couldn't even see past it on the security camera. It was a huge crowd. Plus, it also means that my lobby will be filled with the spouses or significant others of the people going to the conference. Which are not the classiest people in the world, to put it gently. Hopefully they'll leave the TV on Fox though, becuase tonight is The Simpsons and Family Guy premiere. Woo-hoo!

I miss Charlottesville. How random is that? I miss that movie theatre where I saw Eternal Sunshine and Garden State and I miss getting lost in UVA and the two-story Starbucks and Plan 9. But most of all I miss the fun car rides and adventures with people like Drew, Stephanie, Holly, Cameron, and of course Caleb. Oh, and I also miss Sheetz. There's nothing like a Schmagle or a [ed. because I forgot to finish my sentence] chicken and cheese Wrapz. Yum.

++Go make an Alien Alphabet. It's rather addicting, especially becuase you can actually download the font that you create.

++This is both incredible and creepy. Try it, you will be suprised how accurate it is.

++I am in love with the Kings of Convenience. They make me want to live in Norway. Go download "Misread" from their website and look up the video for "I'd Rather Dance With You" on iTunes (get iTunes v.5 while you're at it; Apple just released it and it's nifty). Also, if you buy me their cd, "Riot on an Empty Street", I will love you forever.


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