Practice makes perfectly busy

So after reading Cameron's blog today, I'm jealous. I miss doing freelance stuff, and he's all up in it right now (keep at it boy, I really am happy that you've been busy). I'm kinda sorta working on Rino's new website, but it will be awhile. Design 1 is taking up more time than I thought it would. Granted, I haven't been pulling any allnighters (3:30 am is the latest I've stayed up for it), but it's because I've been splitting my assignments up and doing a bunch every day. I feel like I'm learning so much, but it's also bumming me out a little. I'm in an environment right now that is really inspiring me, and I want to create things. But homework is just not allowing me to do that right now. And I know that's okay, that I am here to learn, but dangit! I want to make things!

I am also way overdue for a blog redesign. It's not just the schoolwork--I really love this design. It's probably my favorite blog design so far, and I had fun coming up with it. I haven't been inspired yet by anything enough to make me want to change it, but I'm going to be keeping my eyes open over the next few weeks. Who knows, maybe there'll be something new sooner than you think.

Oh, if you have yet to do so, check out Asthmatic Kitty Records and Sounds Familyre. They're sister labels that are home to great folks like Sufjan Stevens, Wovenhand, and the Danielson Familie. Plus they have a really pretty website.


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