Google, will you be my friend?

My water got turned back on yesterday. And there was much rejoicing. The leaks are fixed as well, and so for now my house is chugging back along.

Shoot a prayer up for me today--I'm going to the Apple store at St. John's to see if they can resuscitate poor Lenny the iPod. I think if they can't do anything for him, I'm going to send him to iPod Mods. You can send them your iPod and they'll do a diagnostic of it, and they only charge you a penny! Then they tell you how much the repair would be, or they'll buy it for parts, or they'll send it back to you (you do have to pay for the shipping back though). So we'll see--but hopefully one of the Genius Bar guys at Apple can help me out.

Does anybody else use Google as a spellchecker when you only have one word that you can't spell? It's great. "Did you mean the word spelled correctly?" If Google were a person, I'd want to be his friend. He could follow me around and I'd ask him before I said something silly, and he'd be all, "Did you mean something witty?" Ah, good ole Google. What a pal.

++Thanks to Cameron, I'm now in love with Jeremy Cowert's photographs.


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